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WORDSBlood, Thick as mudPai
Blood, Thick as mud
Pain, Sharp as a knife
Anger, Dangerous as a bomb
Time, faster than a marathoner
Hope, Lost as a child
Faith, Disappeared as grown
Life, Crowded as a hoarder
Love, Sprouted as a flower
Dreams, Loved as a heart
Wishes, Carried as a basket
Thoughts, Strong as an ant
Powers, Weak as an infant
Words are what they seem
Words are what they are
Words have powers, meanings, and strength
Words can make us strong
:iconfallrose:fallrose 1 2
If Only Paper Could Bleed
The idea of my blood
Running free
No longer in my veins
Brings relief with shame
Even though my blood looks better every moment
Life must go on
Tis the reason
Why I write
This paper holds my pain
Not all, but some
Enough though
Till another day
The words dance across the lines
A ballroom setting for one
For two's pain intermingling
Can cause a tragedy
Sometimes they mock me
Just the same
By fading
Cause the music won't play
My words betrayed me
Thrown into my face
Reminding me of the failure
I have become
The dance should continue
Their feet will bleed
Even if only for a while
At least it is not me
Crimson stains are left on the floor
Lines begin to run
If only it were that easy
If only the paper could bleed for me.
:iconfallrose:fallrose 6 8
You (2)
I started letting you in
My walls were coming down
You were beginning to mean more to me
But everything you said were lies
A broken promise
You said you weren't like the rest
At least they were more of a man
To tell me to my face
Not you
You act like I don't exists
I hope you're happy
Because you hurt me more than the rest.
:iconfallrose:fallrose 2 12
House of Pain
When the sun begins to go down, and everyone is around.
My happiness begins to drain, and I become all alone.
I thought family was about love and being their for one another.
But my assumption was wrong, all you do is break me down.
With your mean words or jokes that are not as funny as they may seem.
Can't you see what those words and jokes do to me?
Do you even care if I am happy, or would you rather see me crumble?
Does it make you feel like a man watching me fall?
Because your house of games has become my house of pain!
:iconfallrose:fallrose 1 52
My Daily Battle
Every time someone tares me down
Every time I feel no one is around
When I am helpless, unsure
When I am alone, defeated
My mind begins to wonder
My body begins to shake
I realize it is wrong
I crave it though
No I will not do it
No I will not give in
I will not leave a bruise
I will not make a mark
My will stands tall
My will begins to fall
I pick a new spot
I run my finger along my skin
Knowing it will no longer be white
Knowing the pain will end
Sitting by the bed
Sitting while the voice screams "Do it already"
Battling the urge
Battling the voice
The first strike is made
The first one of the night
The welt begins to rise
The bruise takes form
Not knowing when to stop
Not caring if I do
Sleep succumbs eventually
Sleep until a new day
Farwell for tonight
For I will see you another night
:iconfallrose:fallrose 2 0
You want my turst
Giving it to you is becoming easier, but something keeps reminding me not to
You make me smile
Feel gorgeous, happy, but I remind myself that it won't last that I am nearly another pawn in your game
You scare me half to death
By saying that you care, but my insecurities surface even more then.
:iconfallrose:fallrose 2 8
By pushing everyone away
She stays strong
Never lets anyone in
Protecting herself from harm.
:iconfallrose:fallrose 1 0
What It Is To Love
Decorates her porcelain skin
Stronger than her will
To keep her walls strong
Are her only feelings
If someone will ever come
What it is to love
:iconfallrose:fallrose 0 0
Who is this Person?
She paints on a smile
Adds colors to her cheeks
Puts in her contacts
Fixes her hair
Who is this Person?
She is happy
She is beautiful
She is full of love
Everything I am not
Who is this Person?
Her world is perfect
Everyone loves her
Everyone wants to be her
Her life is dream
Who is this Person?
:iconfallrose:fallrose 1 3


Violet by dreamswoman Violet :icondreamswoman:dreamswoman 8 0
Deep Enough
Never deep enough
The pain always burrows deeper
Constantly just beyond my fingertips
I can dig forever but the pain will always evade,
My fingertips brushed with sharp steel
I will never reach deep enough to pull the pain out
I can have inch deep wounds and it will never be
Covered in raised, ugly, angry, red scars
Still not deep enough.
My search is futile, but I have to try
This is all I know.
The pain and the never ending chase.
:iconkml91225:kml91225 10 4
Mature content
Dark Promises :iconkml91225:kml91225 10 1
Keeper of the Kingdom
Keeper of the Kingdom
Where we walk now there lies only ashes.
What once laid in the cinders and coal
was the beauty of the Isles.
This is the Kingdom of Barkol.
The walls were built to protect
and her cannons were built to serve.
The men were prepared for the worst to come
and the women humbled in their curve.
As the men fought the plague
and the women fed the young,
the King sat smug on his throne
pleasured by the sight of the unsung.
The ships out to sea along the coast
lined their guns to the west; the walls
targeted in clear view over the fields
as the captain's fire was called.
The cracks of thunder from the coast
struck fear into the men, women, and children.
Barkol's people feared no evil, but the sight
of the walls and kingdom burning was all but enlightening.
The king fell from his tower and the people wept
the soldiers lied on the ground and they cried.
Barkol would be no home for the People anymore,
but a graveyard of the wicked and tried.
I look on this land and see no ris
:iconddouglas18:ddouglas18 2 18
love in bloom by eveningstarr love in bloom :iconeveningstarr:eveningstarr 1 3 FAIRY by MysticMountainKennel FAIRY :iconmysticmountainkennel:MysticMountainKennel 1 3
Razor-blade Withdrawal
What I would give
For a straight silver edge
Paper thin, deadly, blood thirsty
What I would do
For drips of scarlet life
Deep, bleeding cuts.
:iconkml91225:kml91225 6 5
Earn Your Love
A game of cat and mouse, I propose to you.
Come hunt me, chase me, run after me, too.
Climb to the highest peak and search the seas
for you'll never find a nimbler man like me.
Yearn not for the goal, but for the chase.
In the end you'll have me, yet stare into my face
and see that which you have come to long for
is now yours forever more.
Remember what you did to earn the rights of kin
to be trusted, lusted, and beheld within
the confines of my arms and being
within my heart and soul for loving.
:iconddouglas18:ddouglas18 4 6
My Hero
My Hero
'' Next presentation, Lucas! '' The teacher said fast and commanding. A sixteen years old boy got up from his chair and walked slowly to the teacher's desk. He was nervous, he felt his palms getting sweaty and his heart beat like a bass drum, hard and regularly. The teenager gazed over the classroom and he could see faces he knew, and some which he despised.
He swallowed hard before he started speaking with a shaking voice '' M-my hero. ''
Lucas swallowed another time, he knew this would be hard but he had to do it, he had to. The boy opened his mouth once again but this time it was strong and certain. ''  When  the teacher asked us to write an essay about our heroes, I knew at once who I would write about. Not a pop artist, not an actor or an athlete. I knew at once that I wanted to talk about my father. ''
He could see some eyes roll in the crowd and he felt this pit in his stomach, but it was too late to back down, too late '' And why I chose to tell you about my father is b
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 20 27
O my Lovely Winter
                               O my Lovely Winter,
                                   how do you make my Bone ache,
                           with you're gaze made of ice,
                       i can never look away,
                                let me dance in you're beauty,
                          never to falter in our Waltz,
             let me Hold you in my heart for it sadens me when you leave,
                        o my Lovely Winter,
                                  will you stay in my soul?
:iconask-shintan:Ask-Shintan 2 3
Jell(eye)fish by PixieCold Jell(eye)fish :iconpixiecold:PixieCold 3,204 125 misunderstood by ghostlover106 misunderstood :iconghostlover106:ghostlover106 2 4
Alone, Hurt, Sharp, Sins, Edges, Cut
In the dark room
Made of my doubt
I pick up a piece
Of my broken heart
I touch it
With my shaky finger tip
I feel it against me
I sigh and start think
That's the word
It explains the feelings
The emotions
That I hide
The wrongs
That I have done
To god, mankind
And myself
They call to me
I know that I can't resist
I need this
I really do
I use the piece
Of my broken heart
And I cut my wrist
Hoping to never wake up
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 48 17
Without Me poem
Things these days just don't feel quite right
There is darkness where once was light
I try to break free of these chains
I hope for sun but it just rains
Sorrow slowly devours me
Why does no one answer my plea?
Nightmares have replaced every dream
But no one hears a mute girl scream
I look through the holes in this mask
I cry but you don't even ask
Maybe you know but just don't care
It is like I'm not even there
I'm trapped inside this tiny shell
I hate it, this life feels like hell
It seems like no one cares about me
Perhaps this is how things should be
If I left, the world would be bright
Nobody would quarrel or fight
Deep down I know this isn't true
But maybe life would be less blue
My family wouldn't have to buy
Things or comfort me when I cry
Though they hardly know I'm upset
They barely give a shit I bet
My friends say that they love me so
How can they when I hurt them though?
They tell me that I would be missed
It's better if I don't exist
But this would only cause more sorrow
:iconultimatesadness:UltimateSadness 3 23



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